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I kept seeing bloggers doing a “30 before I’m 30″ list, of things they wanted to accomplish before they turned 30. I loved the idea, but of course am way past 30. When I first decided to do my own 50 before 50 list, I had 3 years to accomplish it. That would have been good. Now however, I have about 7 months… I am UNDAUNTED! Tired, but not daunted. And now here is my list of 50 things I want to accomplish. And by “accomplish” I include things I will complete, but also things I will try, taste, experience, etc…

1. Finally make list of 50 things. 
2. Go to a Yoga class
3. Do Pilates again (be able to lie flat on my back and slowly sit up using only ab strength)
4. Lose 10 pounds
5. Start using the fancy masticating juicer I got.
6. Plant food, grow and then eat it.
7. Write and preform at least 5 more minutes of stand up comedy (even if it’s only in front of my hubby)
8. Finish screenplay
9. Finish first year of Homeopathy study
10. Really, truly enjoy a hike in nature.
11. Lose 20 pounds
12. Do a detox/cleanse
13. Go to the Magic Castle for a showmcwelcome
14. Family road trip
15. Overnighter at Disneyland
16. Learn to play one song on the Celtic harp my mom got me for Christmas.
17. Make stuff with Precious Metal Clay.
18. Lose 25 pounds
19. Have actual voice conversations with my dearest friends who live far away.
20. Have a romantic getaway
21. Have a real spa day
22. Write a good poem.
23. Finish the re-write on my children’s story.
24. Make Em that doll
25. Lose 30 pounds
26. Chant daily for 30 days
27. Try out one of these crazy ElliptiGo bikes!Erin-test-ride-page
28. Lose 35 pounds
29. Wear an outfit I really love.
30. Moisturize my skin for 30 days straight
31. Lose 40 pounds
32. Play Tetherball (I’m not sure why, but it’s been on my mind)
33. Laugh until I’m doubled over, possibly with tears
34. Lose 50 pounds
35. Preserve something in Mason jars
36. Make my own stuffed grape leaves
37. Go in the ocean again… all the way to jumping the waves.
38. Watch all the Godfather movies with hubby
39. Get a pedicure and have really nice toes.
40. Learn to use the stinking sewing machine!
41. Make a crystal elixir
42. Go to western M.D. (T.C.L.B. – take care of lady bizness)
43. Go to a club to see stand-up comedy
44. Spend time with a horse
45. Dance with my husband at some public dance venue.
46. Create a world/ mythology and cast of characters (it’s a writer thing… long time coming)
47. Create a piece of art that hangs on a wall.
48. Be totally content with everything about myself (even if it’s only for a moment)
49. Sing a song all the way through while playing the guitar.
50. Plan 50th party!!